I'm currently engaged to my fianc of one year, we do have a child on the way sadly. And we are in desperate need of a place for rent that is in corsicana Texas.
We are living in our car and need a place to sleep. We have no room in the car to sleep please help! Call 9549092038 or 9725952919. Ad number: #441042661 Contact: Hannah And Gage City: Arlington Zip: 75051
Honestly nice clean keep my space good fun young understanding and will always pay on time
I got hit by a car and broke my leg. I own a travel trailer and live on church property. I pay rent but this is to hot for me.
Fairly quiet, mostly keep to myself. Pet friendly, love both cats and dogs. Looking for a similar age roommate.
I just graduated from college and will be moving to Dallas soon for a job starting in September. Looking to live in the uptown area, but open to suggestions!
I'm a manager at a go-kart place, a beauty school graduate looking for work in a salon, and a freshman year student at Brookhaven College. I'm an outside smoker only and will not make the place smell like smoke. I have my own transportation. I have pride in taking care of myself so I will keep my space clean. I'm hardworking, intelligent, and very accepting. I am bisexual and genderqueer so I c...
I'm shy to new people u till we have spent enough time to associate and them I reveal my plans and focus with priority
Moving back to TX from to live closer to my aunt who's a bit older. She currently lives in Alma TX and my work is in Grapevine. I am looking for a female roommate and looking to live in the Palmer/Ennis area because it is more of my concern be near her than work. PLEASE HELP ME. i'm a pretty awesome roommate! i believe in space, and a clean shared space idc what your room/bathroom looks like. i...
Pretty chill, I m very clean and pick up after myself. Looking to move as soon as possible.
There comes a time where you gotta move out of your mom's house and for me the time has come. I work from about 7:30 am to 3:00 pm at a startup in Deep Ellum. I am a couple of months too young for a beer but I know how to pay rent, do my laundry, dishes, everyday chores, and other basic adulting/humanning things. I do occasionally make up words(like humanning) or use the wrong word by accident ...