Small flat bottom boat in Bixby, Ok area, no motor needed. Wanted to rent. Send me pictures.
student looking for a room in three months, moving from Massachusetts. I will already have 4 months of rent saved in advance based on my monthly payment. I am very kind and I like trying new things.
Im going through a separation right now and just started a new job so it's tough trying to afford a place by myself. I'm super laid back and get along with anyone. I'm just looking for a good place for awhile until I can get into my own place. I'm an open book so ask anything
I am pretty easy going, for the most Much prefer a quiet, private and simple lifestyle. My idea of going out is to try different cuisines. And then if I like something, I attempt to replicate the same in my kitchen. Traveling is second nature to me, so resources earned are funded towards my vagabond voyages. Life is ever changing; in motion so sometimes it only takes a minute to slo...
Hello I am Nelson quite friendly I'm disabled my entire neck and lower back is metal I have a companion dog Chihuahua 4lb train and work a partime job
I am very quiet and too myself a shy person stay to my self dont have much going on just looking for a roommate because my income isnt the greatest so I'm having to find somewhere to stay till I can get it where it need to be so I can get my own apartment I work and very hard working got a job but looking for another one and very nice and easy to get to know.
I ll be moving up to Dallas to begin a new job at the end of July. I ll be working just north of Addison and south of PGBT, so I d like to find a home or apartment in the area.
Father 63 looking for accommodation one bed shared bath for myself and daughter (30)
I am 17 years old, 18 in October, and looking for 1-3 roommates. I am very reliable, relaxed and friendly. My hobbies include theatre, film, art, photography, and writing.
I am an nice guy. very respectful. Honest and feel like I am a kind person. I am a very clean person don't like to be messy. Just looking for somewhere to work hard and save money to grow in my life. Don't mind helping someone doing the same.
Chemical engineer from Oklahoma. Generally laid back and clean. Always respectful of others. I spend my time working, doing trivia, playing volleyball, etc!
Hello looking for a roommate want to get a decent apartment stack up and live my life to the fullest. I work and have a son whom is almost 4. I am single and want to focus on myself and future.
Just looking for a room.month to month will be traveling to Shreveport where family is almost every weekend
Looking for a roommate from august till the end of the year. Hopefully somehwere in the uptown area
Looking for a roommate while I get to know the area for the next 6 months, before I rent or buy a house on my own. I just moved here recently.