Craving a midday refresher? Just a spritz of the rose infused mist will leave you with a fresh and moisturized face. Retails $26 Pick up midlothian off old hundred
Authentic 6 pack


Make up setting spray.. matte finish formula keeps makeup looking flawless and delivers a quick hit if hydration and sun protection anytime you need it. Retails for $36 Pick up midlothian off old hundred
Oster Professional Ball-bearing Chrome Hand-held Massager/ Masajador Profesional Personal Features & details Made of 100% ball bearing constructionTraditional frame design with special frame contour to fit hand and reduce hand fatigueChrome housing and rubber hand padHeavy-duty, single speedUL approved 120v
Deluxe 18 Color- not used perfect condition. It is missing the small sponge brushes. Lisa Perry palette- not used. $15 both
Nike Ponytail Holders Authentic 9 Hair Bands Total Retail: $10 $9 FIRM & Includes Shipping Send message to order Feel free to like & share our Facebook page:
Starting @ $120+ Wholesale/Custom Natural Handmade Soaps I do private labels and custom orders the same. After working with you to design the perfect soap, I require full payment before I make the batch. Once the soap is fully cured, I ship it to you wrapped. I also include a list of the ingredients I used so that the individual or company can advertise accordingly. Call us to help you create...
100% Olive Oil Soap made with no fragrance. Castile Soap is gentle enough for a newborn baby's tender skin, can be used as a post-surgical soap or to hydrate older skin, which can become thinner and parchment-like, vulnerable to bruising. Our Castile Soap is the one most frequently selected by our customers undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, who say it soothes the burning skin sensation ma...