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Tray has a pocket for papers etc., hand pockets on end for carrying and recess for glass/flowers. It is 24" wide, 14 inches deep and 10 1/2 tall. This is not a reproduction, I have had it for over 25 years, purchased at Antique Store. I have repainted.
About 2ft on each side. It s a reddish brown metal with burlap cloth behind. As you can see in pic on bottom right corner the fabric looks lose but it is not pulling or coming out. Not too heavy, maybe 5lbs at most. PPU in Highland Grove neighborhood.
Most not used! Excellent condition if it was used. Ice Cream Social Sign Ice Cream Cone Pinata Ice Cream Cone Balloon We Scream for Ice Cream containers x 8 Happy Birthday Banner Ice Cream Swirly Decorations x 8 (i think) Ceramic Cones x 8 Birthday Wishes Banner Scratch Off Game